I Want to Fly Away

IMG_7852I wore this outfit two weeks ago to M’s nephew’s birthday party. I curled my hair for the event, because I didn’t want to have the same old hairstyle I always wear (actually, I have three that I rotate: hair down, hair in a pony tail or a side braid). I centered this outfit around the bag. It’s from Skinny Dip and it’s the ice cream clutch. Doesn’t fit much but it’s super cute anyways.

skinny dip ice cream clutchI usually wear heels to a party but this was at M’s brother’s flat and I’d be taking off the shoes anyways, so my only criteria for the shoes were that they would match the bag and be comfy for the way there. These Melissa ultragirl flats were perfect.

melissa light blue ultragirl flatstopshop camofl flatsYou’ve seen the dress on my blog before, it’s from Zara trf and has a lovely swallow print. My denim jacket is from Aeropostal and is a current favorite. The earrings I’m wearing are from Decadence Now and are shiny gold skulls. I have to say, this is one of my favorite outfits in a while. It was easy and comfy to wear and I thought it looked both nice and totally “me”.

zara trf swallow dress, aeropostal jean jacket, melissa ultragirl flats, skinny dip ice cream clutchAs for the title of this post, well, the dress always makes me think of the Lenny Kravitz song…


11 thoughts on “I Want to Fly Away”

  1. EVERY time I see your Melissa shoes I think ‘I MUST get a pair!’ What’s the best place to get them from? I need some in my life. The colour of these is great, so summery.

    1. I get mine from various sites (Asos, though there they tend to be quite expensive; melshoes.com, where they have good deals occasionally; nonnon.co.uk, for the more special ones; and a few czech sites). I bet there are even better sites in the UK but as postage is a bit of a problem for me, I just stick to these ones, where the postage is either low or free.

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