Fake It to Make It

It will probably come to no surprise to you that I have been completely, devastatingly sad lately. I’m trying really hard not to be overcome with the sadness though and I figured the best way would be to continue doing the things I used to really like doing, like this blog. Honestly, I don’t think the blog will ever be the same, Dracul was too much a part of it, but I still want this to be a happy place.

H&M blue coat with leather look sleevesI’ve bought a few things lately but to be honest they haven’t cheered me up too much. Nothing can take away the pain when you lose a loved pet, it just takes time I guess. But back to the materialistic crap I’ve obtained. Starting with a lovely coat from H&M. I got it in the sale for super cheap (it was 75% off) and since I liked it from the time it came out (but back then I thought it was over-priced) I knew that I wanted it. I really like the detailing – the leather look sleeves, the shearling collar, the gold buttons and the chunky zippers on the sleeves. I’ve worn it every single day from the time that I got it but pretty soon it may be too cold for it, but still I think it was a good purchase.

H&M blue coat with leather look sleeves backI placed an order on Asos when they had the 20% off everything sale and it has arrived today so that was nice. I didn’t really get too many things but a few nicknacks and a pair of pretty shoes.woodland bear lip balmStarting with a cutesy purchase – a pair of two lip balms (Woodland bear lip balm duo), I bought them because I’m a sucker for cute stuff and a bear with a honey jar is as cute as it gets.

anatomicals shampooI got myself a new shampoo, because it was cheap and I’ve wanted to try Anatomicals for a while now. It smells really nice.

paperchase snackpackers

Next I got myself a pack of snack boxes from Paperchase. I love the images on the covers but they are all so tiny. The smallest of the boxes is extremely tiny, like so little that I doubt anything would fit in to it. The two biggest ones are okay and I guess I’ll guess them for carrying snacks around (I’m hoping to start eating healthier foods, which means I need to start carrying around snacks instead of just buying junky food on the go).

mel by melissa raspberry heart red heelsThe creme de la creme is of course the pair of shoes. These are Mel by Melissa Raspberry heart heels in red. I’ve wanted a pair for ages and I’ve finally purchased the red version with the nude heart. This is my Christmas present to myself. They are gorgeous. I’ve tried them on and they seem comfortable enough considering the heel is a decent height.

mel by melissa raspberry heart red heels back viewAnyways, that’s it for my recent purchases. I’ll be back to blogging next week. See you soon.

2 thoughts on “Fake It to Make It”

  1. I’ve always considered buying those Mel heels, love the heart detail. I’ve tried a few Anatomicals things before, they are nice. I got the wee round tubs with little vintage kitties on them…then my Mum wanted another two sets for my cousins kids to put in with their Christmas gifts. I was pretty tame for the asos 20% off, because they’ve given me a few codes lately that I’ve spent a fortune on. I just bought 3 Love Moschino clutch bags at the weekend. I was feeling really depressed about my life and how I’m going to be stuck, ill forever and an email popped up saying 40% off and I’ve wanted them all year, so that was that! On their way from Italy now! Then today, I ordered the Therapy ‘Hana’ handbag I wanted for ages (half price at House of Fraser), so my sister is giving me that for Christmas and Santa is very kindly getting me another Love Moschino one, with a little cafe scene. It’s so pretty and had sold out, but came back in stock, just one and I stalked it until the HoF brand event today at 4pm and got it!

    Hope the sadness gets better soon x

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