The Holidays

IMG_5213As much as I dislike winter (I believe it should ONLY be cold and snowing at the mountains) I really love the holidays. I typically save up my vacation days and then have a very relaxed December. I also adore kitschy holiday fashion. Give me reindeer and bells all winter long. I particularly LOVE this reindeer sweatshirt from F&F. It combines three aspects that make it a winter favorite: it was cheap, it’s super cute and very warm. And surprisingly I’ve actually been wearing it a lot!

instagram reindeer sweatshirt and gingerbread man clutchI know I haven’t been posting too much lately. We took a mini-break the weekend before last and went to Vienna, I’ll be posting some photos from there soon. I have been better at posting on my instagram. Like the picture above, I finally got the gingerbread man clutch and I do love it (although it doesn’t fit much. Basically it only fits my phone and my keys but then again I do have a huge phone case… so maybe that’s just me.)

IMG_5173Obviously I still wore it out though, even if it hardly fits anything because, hello, gingerbread man! The outfit is from ages ago and I don’t remember where I wore it to. I think it was just to a dinner out.

IMG_5178But back to the reindeer, I’m not the only one who loves it. So does a certain new member of our family…

Bunny BananasI’d like you to meet my sweet baby girl, Bunny Bananas. There will definitely be more photos of her very soon! She joined our family this past Thursday while we were gift shopping. She is the cutest softest bunny ever and she’s also a bit nuts so she should fit into our family perfectly šŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “The Holidays”

  1. Awwwww, little bunny is ridiculously sweet! I think the clutches this season are less well-made than the originals. The doughnut/milkshake/burger had lots of details and i preferred the fabric, to the stuff they used this time. I don’t think I’ll be out anywhere before Christmas, so my snowman, chocolate coin and gingerbread man will have to be kept for next year!

    Oh and I really want an iPhone just so I can have instagram! Can’t afford one though and rarely use my phone for anything other than photos so can’t really justify it, just to join instagram!

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