OOTD: Green on Green

IMG_4895This outfit is from ages ago (from the 24th of  October) and I was really going full out with the green. It all started with this dress from Topshop with its wonderful laser cut square cut-outs. I know I mentioned before that I dislike cut-outs on dresses (though I love them on shoes!) but with cut-outs like these, I really like them. Anyways, I first saw this dress in London actually, it was on sale but I think they didn’t have my size or it wasn’t that much on sale. Long story short, I stopped by my local (ha, there’s only one in Prague) Topshop store, saw it in the current sale, the last one and in my size, and I knew it would be mine.

topshop navy dress with cut out squaresIt was Friday night and we had dinner plans with M’s family and I knew I wanted to wear this dress and I also wanted to highlight those wonderful cut-outs. Enter a pair of green tights. After those I knew I wanted to center the whole look around loads of green and I think it turned out okay. I went all matchy-matchy: I paired the green tights with my green H&M satchel bag and a green Zara sweater; since the dress is a dark navy blue I wore my previously unworn blue pair of Melissa Blueberry Bow flats:

melissa blueberry bow blueAnd then I wore a black pashmina scarf and my black H&M coat (fun fan, this coat is also from the MAMA H&M range, I bought it in the sales years ago):

IMG_4891I have to say, it was already a bit too cold for these shoes and it is definitely way past time to pull out all my winter shoes and the winter clothes. I’ve been putting it off for too long and now it’s already November. I cannot believe how fast this year is passing by!

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