Files of New: the make-up

Hey guys, today I want to share some recent make-up purchases that I’ve bought these past two months. Some of the items were bought in New York and others were bought here in Prague.

tarte bon voyage make-up set1. Bon Voyage Set

This holiday make-up set from Tarte was honestly one of my favorite purchases from New York. The set contains a palette of 20 eyeshadows, a gorgeous lip tint (love it!), a lip gloss, a miniature cheek stain, mascara, a small amount of finishing powder and some maracuja oil. It also contains a make-up bag. Anyways, I bought the set for the eye shadows, which are great, so I could not be happier with it.

urban-decay-electric-palette2. more eye shadows

I had been dying to try out the new-ish Urban Decay eyeshadow palette called Electric. I have the Naked palettes (the Naked basics palette, the Naked 2 palette and also the Naked 3 palette = what can I say? I’m a fan.) but when I saw a video on Pixiwoo of Sam doing a tutorial using the Electric palette, I knew I had to have it. I bought it in Sephora in New York (I am so jealous, the Sephoras in the Czech Republic don’t have Urban Decay products), where I also bought the Tarte holiday set. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed that I wasn’t given any samples even though I spent quite a lot of money there. That’s the one thing that’s better here, at least I always get a sample or two. Also when I got to the hotel and opened this palette, one of the eye shadows was cracked so there was a bit of product spillage and I was a bit sad due to it, but then I thought – I’m being ridiculous – and was right back to my normal happy self. But back to this palette, I love it.

urban decay electricIt contains ten different eye shadows of which I have so far tried only three. The colors I have tried are: Revolt (top left, silver), Slowburn (top middle, a red-orange color, it’s the one that was cracked so of course I decided to use it right away. I have worn it once in New York and I don’t think I got any photos of my make-up but I went with a dramatic eye. And I have worn it last week along with Thrash in the inner eye corner and a brown shadow to achieve a very Autumn eye look), and as mentioned Thrash (bottom right, a bright yellowy lime). The colors and the pigmentation of the colors are just insane in this palette. I can’t wait to experiment with the other colors and just have fun with it.

Maybelline-The-Nudes paletteYeah, another eyeshadow palette. What can I say? I LOVE eyeshadow! This palette is from Maybelline so it was much cheaper than the other two (phew) and I love the colors. I love a nude eyeshadow palette so when I heard about this palette from Maybelline I knew I had to have it. We do have Maybelline in drugstores in the Czech Republic, but the selection is limited and I know this palette hasn’t been released here in Prague so I was super happy to be able to buy it in New York. Another thing I had really wanted to buy from Maybelline while being in the States was the Maybelline eyebrow mascara, I thought that would just be amazing. But sadly it was sold out everywhere I looked for it. But speaking of brows…

urban decay brow box brown sugar3. Big Brows

I bought this lovely Brow Box from Urban Decay in Brown Sugar – it contains eyebrow powder, wax and tools (two mini brushes and mini tweezers). I’m so glad that the make-up world is having (and is continuing to have) a big brow moment. I have big eyebrows no matter what I do and though I do pluck (otherwise I would have a third little brow between my brows trying to form one big unibrow, ugh) I try not to pluck too much. Anyways, I am quite new to putting any product on my brows but I’m really into it at the moment. I like to add a little definition and also fill in the few little spaces.

sephora eyebrow kit in midnight brownBesides the Urban Decay brow box I have also recently purchased this Sephora Eyebrow Editor (I bought it in my local Sephora) in the shade Midnight Brown. I love that this set also contains a spooly. Otherwise it is very similar to the Urban Decay brow box, it has a lighter brown shade and a darker one and also has wax.

sephora eyebrown pencil mediumI also bought this eyebrow pencil in my local Sephora. The shade is 02/Medium. I think I could have actually used a darker color but I still like it. This is a product I can definitely see myself repurchasing.

IMG_49234. Lippie Love

These three lipsticks from L’Oreal are the last of my recent purchases and the most recent. They’re from the Exclusive Collection featuring 12 iconic women and their signature lip – of the 12 only 6 were available at the drugstore where I bought them and from those six I completely fell in love with the three that I bought: Julianne (Moore), JLo and Freida (Pinto). I could definitely have went for more of the colors (I just couldn’t afford all of them), I think this collection is fabulous. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if this would be something I should be doing more of. I hope to include swatches and photos of my wearing the products in the next files of new make-up post (if there is one).

2 thoughts on “Files of New: the make-up”

  1. Great buys, that Tarte set looks lovely and I’m intrigued by the L’Oreal lipsticks. I literally haven’t been in Boots for years, so haven’t bought drugstore makeup in a long time, I tend to stick to Debenhams now and they have Lancome, Dior, YSL etc.

    1. Thanks. I don’t tend to really splurge on my make-up, I prefer the drugstore buys because if I’m unhappy, at least I didn’t spend a fortune! Debenhams have a lovely selection, but they don’t ship to Prague. :/

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