Sheepy Cute

IMG_4911Last  Sunday after returning from our wine cellar outing, we relaxed at home for a bit and then later that day we went out to see the film Qu’est-qu’on fait au Bon Dieu? I LOVED the movie, it was perfect! I also loved the outfit I was wearing. I used my last chance to wear my Mr. Sheep vest. We went by car so I could get away with it (otherwise I would have been way too cold!) and I have to say yet again how much I love it: I love it a lot!

aeropostal furry hooded vestI also used the going-by-car opportunity to wear shoes I haven’t worn before (and I cannot get over how utterly ugly they look in their product photo, luckily in real life they look a LOT better). The shoes are from Coach and are a pair of simple loafers. They are relatively comfy and the leather is really soft, I like that they kind of look a bit old fashioned.

coach ruthie loaferAs for the rest of my outfit, well, I knew right away that I wanted to wear my furry vest and with it I wanted to wear a long sleeved knit top I bought in NYC (Tokyo Darling long sleeved “Deeply” knit top). It is a bit sheer so I wore a black H&M tank top underneath.

Tokyo Darling Long Sleeve Sheer Deeply Knit TopThe tricky part was coming up with which bottom to pair this outfit with. The second I saw my Zara Woman bright yellow mini skirt I just knew it would be perfect. I love how happy this outfit is. The otherwise neutral palette of the outfit really lets the skirt shine without over-powering the outfit.

IMG_4906And because of my choice of footwear, I went with my old favorite saddle bag from Stradivarius. I’m really pleased with how this look came together and I honestly felt great in it. I kept my make-up really simple, with just a tiny flick of a cat-eye and I also defined my brows using the Sephora products mentioned in my recent make-up post.

IMG_4908Anyways, it was a great evening (I got to hang out with my bestie, the movie was perfect and I can’t remember laughing so much in a while, and I really loved my outfit; so, yeah, everything was perfect). I hope you enjoyed this post and see you soon.

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