Zoo Trip

at the zooOn Saturday M and I went to visit the Prague Zoo. I got to see some of my favorite animals and wear a cute outfit, so I was a happy girl. I went in comfy Melissa flats because a)there was a lot of walking involved and b)it was threatening to rain (and it did in fact rain while we were having lunch). The shoes in question are Melissa Doris Spike t-bar flats in red. I really like these shoes. I’m a sucker for red shoes in general but I also absolutely love studs on shoes, so of course I love these shoes. Plus they are also really comfy!

melissa doris spikedOne more product photo of the shoes because I couldn’t decide between them and I really like the top view. I think these shoes are really well thought out, the placement of the studs is very flattering and basically, I just want to wear them all the time 🙂

melissa doris spikes tbar flatsThe trip to the zoo was super fun, I’m glad I saw this guy and of course my favorite piggies.

prazska zoo hrabacprazska zoo stetkouniAs for my outfit, I wanted something comfortable but still a bit summery, to celebrate that it was actually a semi-nice weekend (weather wise), so I went with my thrifted Primark scenic skirt (this skirt is a tiny bit too small, it’s a size UK8/Eur36, so it’s a bit tight around the waist but I don’t think you can tell really, plus I knew I wanted it from the moment I saw it, so whatever.)

zoo outingI wore my New Look vanity case bag (because it already held all my things from the night before) and I wore a Zara sleeveless top and my Mango jean jacket. I also wore a studded headband and one of my favorite necklaces (it has a piggy on it and I added a dog charm that I thrifted during one of my vacations). Oh and a cross double ring that I’ve had for ages and hardly ever wore, I think it was from Topshop.

IMG_4041I’ll also mention my make-up because I really liked how it looked. Beside liquid black eyeliner I also had on some lovely gold eyeliner (from Lush cosmetics). I also slightly darkened by eyebrows to make them more prominent (though I don’t think they necessarily need any enhancing, I have quite prominent brows as is). Anyways, I really liked my whole look from head to toe and I’m super happy that we went to the Zoo, it really was one of the best days in a while 🙂 and I can’t wait for this upcoming weekend to begin!


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