In the Trenches

trench coat and zara slipper shoesAs I’ve mentioned before, I happen to actually really like autumn. One of the things I particularly love about autumn is autumn fashion! I love layers! I love wearing back opaque tights (or funky printed tights), I love scarves and shawls. I love wearing leather jackets and I also love trench coats. This is my favorite trench coat (H&M, bought in 2010):

H&M trench coatThis post will recall the various ways that I’ve worn this trench coat in the past and how I styled it. Thus answering the age old question How to wear a trench coat?trench coat and zara slipper shoes plus waveA very simple outfit: trench coat + a simple dress (notice the hem line is just a smidge longer than the length of the trench coat so it is only slightly peeking from the coat) + a pair of flats. This outfit is from October 2013 and I find the photo above really amusing, that’s M waving while taking the photo on his phone. I didn’t notice what he was doing until later when I saw the photo. He’s funny like that. The shoes in question are a pair of studded slipper flats from Zara.

zara collection studded slipper flatsThere’s not much too say about the shoes other than they are really fucking great. I adore the little studs that are all over the shoe and not only are they studded flats but they are studded SLIPPER flats. It was love at first sight, literally. I was in love the moment I saw them (when we we’re vacationing in Rome) and was so happy when M bought them for me. I really like the tiny studs! From far away the shoes actually look like they are a shimmery gold. I also love the unusual toe – it’s neither pointed nor round. (It reminds me of Roald Dahl’s Witches.)

zara collection studded slipper flats front

I’ll continue with other ways I have worn this trench coat in the next post 🙂

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