Auto Love

very veronique topshop open toe ankle bootsI’m not going out anywhere this weekend or on Monday, because I have my exam this Tuesday – that means I’d have nothing to post but alas I thought, why not share one of my favorite outfits from the beginning of this year? (Before I started this blog.) This outfit, worn to a lunch date and a spot of shopping, is from February, when we were blessed with a seriously warm winter and thus I got away with wearing only a semi-warm coat. I felt amazing in this outfit, but trust me – that had nothing to do with my coat, it was all about the shoes…

topshop-black-auto-padded-strap-shoe-bootsThe shoes are Topshop “Auto” open toe chunky heeled ankle boots. My goodness, these shoes are super high heeled and also very very chunky. And they have this insane over-sized padded strap across the instep. I absolutely love them, although walking in them isn’t the easiest. They’re definitely meant for walking on flat even surfaces and not the stupid Prague cobble stones. But I was okay while I was at the mall. M and I got some minor shopping done (and no, we didn’t go to Erotic City, but M likes to spice up my outfit photos it would seem.)

topshop-black-auto-padded-strap-shoe-boots loveAs it’s getting colder now I’m starting to get excited about open toed ankle booties and layering and all that fun stuff. I mean, as much as I love summer, I think I’m starting to love Autumn just as much. I love the crispness in the air, I love the look of the varying colors of the leaves, I adore the festivities of the upcoming months. I’ll be posting more favorite outfits from the past soon, so stay tuned, and of course, please wish me good luck on Tuesday!

very vero good girl look

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