Hug Me.

One of my semi-recent (about a month or so ago?) purchases was this Zara t-shirt. I don’t often say this about t-shirts but it is amazing. First of all, it is SUPER SOFT. It may well be the softest tee that I have, seriously.

zara tee cactus I'm awesome hug meSecondly, it has a picture of a super cute cactus and has a slogan saying “I’m awesome. Hug me.” But yeah, it was the cactus that won me over. And the fact that the shirt was on sale and was incredibly cheap. I love the sales… I wore this outfit last weekend to walk Mr. Pig and though I had gotten a few other photos, I was having a ‘bitch face’ kind of day. But so that this post isn’t so short, I will add a photo of one of my current favorite perfumes (which I was also wearing at the time of taking these photos):

Sables Annick GoutalSables by Annick Goutal

According to the website, Annick Goutal created this fragrance specifically for her husband in memory of their stays to the Isle of Ré during which he asked her to recreate the striking scent of immortal flowers-sprinkled sand dunes. So, yeah, it’s a cologne and it’s a fragrance for men, but I love it and it actually really suits me. To be completely honest, it belonged to M but I commandeered it and then he said I could have it as he prefers his L’arbre de la Connaissance by Jovoy Paris anyways.

I have had a love for unisex perfumes for ages, starting with CK One. But this is a whole different ball game! Sables was launched in 1985. Top notes are immortelle and cinnamon; middle notes are pepper and black tea; base notes are sandalwood and amber. It is very long lasting and I feel really happy when I wear it. Which brings me back to last Saturday, it was definitely a busy day…

zara tee cactus I'm awesome hug meWe went to play beach volleyball with friends. My outfit (the same as the pig walking outfit), was really very simple. Zara cactus tee, which is more of a cropped top than a regular t-shirt. I have recently found new love for cropped tops when paired with higher waisted clothing. Insert my Topshop bodycon miniskirt and I basically had my outfit done. I just added a nice bright red lip and voila. This was also probably the last “summery” outfit of 2014 and I know bloggers love to welcome fall and everything, and I DO love fall, but this year it feels like summer has sped by extremely fast!

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