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Hug Me.

One of my semi-recent (about a month or so ago?) purchases was this Zara t-shirt. I don’t often say this about t-shirts but it is amazing. First of all, it is SUPER SOFT. It may well be the softest tee that I have, seriously.

zara tee cactus I'm awesome hug meSecondly, it has a picture of a super cute cactus and has a slogan saying “I’m awesome. Hug me.” But yeah, it was the cactus that won me over. And the fact that the shirt was on sale and was incredibly cheap. I love the sales… I wore this outfit last weekend to walk Mr. Pig and though I had gotten a few other photos, I was having a ‘bitch face’ kind of day. But so that this post isn’t so short, I will add a photo of one of my current favorite perfumes (which I was also wearing at the time of taking these photos):

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