Bugs Bunny & Co.

printed tights, parka jacket, cut out shoesOne of my favorite outfits from this year that I wore a week ago, last Monday night to a winery with friends. This whole outfit revolves around two keys aspects – the crazy printed tights and my new parka jacket. I chose the tights mainly because I really wanted to wear these cut-out shoes and I wanted to wear something that would really emphasize the shape of the shoe.

asos mayday cut out flat shoes The shoes (which are seriously awesome btw) are called “Mayday” and they are from Asos, you can still buy them here. It was my first time wearing them and I had absolutely no issues. They are very comfortable and I felt really good in them. I actually love them so much that I have ordered the white version as well (and I’m not usually a fan of white shoes!). The tights I’m wearing are from Primark and I loooooove them and wish I had bought more pairs because hello, looney tunes! There’s Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Daffy Duck and even Porky Pig. My parka is also from Asos, I ordered it in the beginning of summer and was desperate to wear it and it finally got cold enough for it, ha. The shape is very cocoon like and oversized but I like that. I love that it’s a bit longer in the back and I also love the massive faux fur trim of the hood.

asos parkaThe rest of my outfit was relatively simple. An old jersey black dress from H&M and some gold accessories: my favorite wide belt with gold detailing (Topshop), earrings (Asos), old mismatched bracelets, a gold collar necklace (which I can’t recall where it’s from and of course I’ve blogged about my bag before (Mango). Anyways I really loved this outfit and it felt so “me” and just made me very happy.


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