Ootd: polkadots and plastic

red ballet melissa flats, polka dots, leather jacketAn outfit from last week, Wednesday. M and I went with friends to one of our favorite pubs where we used to live (I definitely miss Prague 4 more than I thought I would.) Anyways, this is what I wore…

I’ll go top to bottom. Even though I have other leather or fake leather jackets (a staple for me all year round), this one (from Zara) is by far my favorite. It has the best shape and goes literally with anything and everything in my wardrobe. It’s a dream. Suffice to say, I wear it A LOT. It goes equally well with skinny jeans as it does with skirts or dresses. It suited me when I had darker hair and it is just as nice when I’m blonde. I really love this jacket.

leather jacket, skinny jeans, leopard print topshop shoesThe dress is from Promod and I love that it has bought polka dots and stripes. However it has gotten colder so I wore it with a black (Pull&Bear) cardigan. I guess I usually do wear it with that cardigan, ha, as you can see in the photo below. I also threw on my red pashmina scarf. I honestly don’t know what I would do without these scarves! They are life-savers for me because I am constantly cold! (I need to get more colors though, I really want a green one!)

IMG_1833Though obviously, red was the perfect choice with this outfit considering my red (Zara) bag and my red ballet flats (Melissa). You’ve seen both before here on the blog, but I must say, the shoes were a bit uncomfortable this time, strange. Maybe I just tied them wrong or something. (Not that they were supremely uncomfortable, just that they weren’t as comfortable as the last time.) Whatever the case, I was glad to be home.

melissa ballet flatLast but not least, I wore my Freedom for Topshop red beaded ring. I’ve been purposefully wearing more accessories lately and I must say, I couldn’t be happier with the progress. I mean, it’d be a shame NOT to wear accessorizes given that I already have them and it just takes a little bit of effort and the payback is a much more interesting outfit. I’ve had this ring for years and it is quite massive, but oh so fun.

freedon for topshop red beaded ringFunnily enough, you can’t see it in the first outfit photo (because of the red background) so I added the last photo, where you can see it a bit more. All-in-all, this wasn’t my favorite outfit but I think it was okay and I had fun that evening, which is what is really important anyways.


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