London Continued


I know it’s been taking me ages to get through my London recap posts – sorry. I  have no excuses (I’ve had the photos for a while and everything), but summer time permits some laziness, no? Anyways, let’s continue, shall we? I will warn you, this is a photo heavy post!

Day THREE – Friday: we went to the Portobello Market and had lunch at The Fish House. As you can see from the photo below, I burnt my face the day before during the boat ride (four hours on a boat when it’s the hottest day of the year will definitely require reapplying some suntan lotion next time).


For the shopping trip I wore a very casual outfit – Zara sunglasses and Zara TRF tee, H&M skirt, Mark B bag, Puma trainers. I then changed clothes when we were at a museum (I had just bought that Topshop dress btw). For dinner we went to the “Lobster or Steak” (or “Steak and Lobster”?) restaurant, where they only serve lobster or steak or something like that. We both had the lobster – it was good (but the lobster at Zdenek’s Oyster Bar in Prague is MUCH better).

IMG_2767 20140704_161020 20140704_212902Day FOUR – Saturday: We stopped by our favorite Chinese restaurant (M always has the Peking Duck) and otherwise we just did some more sightseeing and museums and shopping (mainly over on Jerome Street so M could buy some button-down shirts and ties – he bought ten ties in total during our London vacation). It was chillier than the other days and we had some rain too so I wore my new Primark parka. We then returned to our hotel (I changed clothes) and then headed over to my uncle and aunt’s house for dinner and Pimm’s (which I’ve fallen in love with – well any drink that requires lemonade and loads of delicious fruit is a winner in my book).

IMG_2778IMG_2783Day FIVE – Sunday: We had a busy schedule, first we went for a walk near the channel (a long walk – you can see my opinion about the whole thing in one of the photos 🙂 ) and then we went to the Zoo (mainly to see some pigs, because obviously I needed to go see the pigs; but also a very lazy pygmy hippo.) After the Zoo we went to Camden Town and did some more shopping and eating.

IMG_2790 IMG_2796 20140706_11410620140706_115930 20140706_115946 20140706_120129 IMG_2808 IMG_2819 IMG_2820 IMG_2823Day SIX – Monday: our final day. We went to Tate Museum of Modern art and did some more shopping and then we returned to our hotel for our bags and headed to the airport and home. London was fantastic  but I must say, (after every holiday) it’s always wonderful to return home.
20140707_102752 20140707_103325 20140707_104057 20140707_111610 20140707_111635

2 thoughts on “London Continued”

  1. Cool! Love those sunglasses. I think Pimms is a very English thing…I don’t think it’s popular in Scotland and certainly the only time I’ve had it was at a lunch party in London when I worked there. My friends and I drank a ridiculous amount of it ; )

    1. I really loved Pimm’s. It’s such a wonderful refreshing drink (plus all that fruit). I haven’t seen it elsewhere, true, but Pimm’s seems to be all over London (all these restaurants and cafes were advertising that they have it)

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