Bohemia Lounge

As promised, here are some photos from our visit to the Bohemia Lounge. This bar serves some amazing drinks and is decorated in a sort of old Czech style. It was a bit dark in the bar so my photos turned out rather crap but that’s my only complaint, it was an amazing evening!



I won’t do a recount of all our drinks (I didn’t even take photos of all of them, you know, being in the moment and all that, but they were all interesting and tasty.) My drink above was the “Apple Pie” and it was like drinking apple pie, awesome. Also, there was a little apple involved (too cute!) while M had a chocolate spirit with black beer/chocolate caviar (which was incredible!) though my favorite drink of the night was…

Sweet caramel with salty foam – this was like being at the ocean and having the time of your life. Oh and see those three rocks? Chocolates! Delicious! If you haven’t guessed, I highly recommend this wonderful bar. It’s located on Great Eastern street but you need to make reservations first. If we visit London again I definitely want to go back.

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