London Shopping Pt. 2

london shoesBesides the dresses mentioned in my last post, I also bought some shoes (the 6 pairs pictured above), a cheap parka from Primark, a super cheap black miniskirt from Topshop, a petticoat, a real leather jacket, a lipstick, 3 books, 2 magazines, loads of tights, a lip balm and a pillow case. Phew, quite a list right?

I know. It seems like it was a LOT of shopping and well, it was really. But the whole point of our vacation was to go shopping, do some sight seeing, eat loads of lovely food and well, that’s it. Mission accomplished! So, first let’s talk shoes.

IMG_2855Left to right: Mel heart flats, Limited printed heeled sandals, Topshop heart print flats.

Mel Heart flats – I bought these in the Debenhams store, they were on sale (I think they were 19 pounds?) and I was deciding between these and the black pair with a red heart. I thought these were more of an addition to my shoe collection so I chose these.Β  There’s nothing I can really say about them, they are comfortable, good for rainy weather and yet still cute. So basically the perfect shoes…

Limited Edition printed heeled sandals – these were bought in the Retro shop and they cost 25 pounds. I love the print, it’s so wild and will go with lots of dresses (I think I’d like to try pairing them with my new Topshop neon coral dress.)

Topshop Heart print red flats – these were the last pair in my size, they cost 12 pounds. In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of heart print so I was very happy with these shoes.

IMG_2856Left to right: Debenhams cherry print heels, Underground creepers, Miss KG leopard print wedges.

Debenhams cherry print heels – I love the unusual print. They have a nice chunky heel, are comfortable enough and cost 20 pounds.

Underground creepers – these shoes are insane. They have a MASSIVE flatform platform thing going on. I wore them once during the trip and they’re quite comfortable to walk around in though they are very heavy. They also cost the most out of all my shoes (out of all the things that I bought), I think they were 80 pounds? But I desperately needed a pair of blue suede shoes, so it’s justified (thank you M.)

Miss KG leopard print “Binky” wedges – these are my favorites. The are so gorgeous, the leopard print part is pony hair. They have a lovely shape and you guys know I’m a leopard print addict.Β  They were on sale and cost 29 pounds. I can’t wait to wear these.

Primark flamingo parkaPrimark Flamingo print Parka – I didn’t really buy that much i Primark (I found the quality of the dresses quite disappointing) so I mostly bought only tights and panties and this lovely parka (that cost 9 pounds?) Below is a close-up of the print, it’s really pretty. I wore it the next day as it was raining. It was just perfect. I’m really happy with this purchase.

flamingo print primark parka

debenhams red hering leather jacketDebenhams Red Hering real Leather jacket – I fell in love with this jacket (I was really hoping to buy a new leather jacket because I’m been wearing my favorite one from Zara non-stop lately and was worried about wearing it out) but I thought it might be a problem to find a leather (real or fake, I didn’t care) in the summer sales. But then I came across this one, it fits perfectly and it was on sale from 150 pounds to 45 pounds. Which I think is a really good price for a real leather jacket.

black petticoatBlack Petticoat – I mentioned in my last post that I was hoping to buy a petticoat (ever since I bought those swing dresses). I don’t have anything much to say about it other than I’m really pleased that I found one and can now wear those dresses with added volume.

M.A.C. heroieM.A.C. Heroine – I mentioned in a previous post that I was lusting after this lipstick and I finally ended up getting it (at the duty free M.A.C. counter at the airport before our flight home). I love it and I”m glad I bought it as it would have been way more expensive at the Prague store.

IMG_2876I also bought these books: a funny you-choose-what-happens-next Zombie book Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? by Max Brallier, Bones of the Lost by Kathy Reichs (I already have this on my kindle, I actually mistook this for the new book which should be out in August but I’m not upset, I’m reading it now and I’m happy with it) and finally How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran.

So that’s everything that I bought (well, except for the miniskirt from Topshop that I forgot to photograph, the strawberry lip balm and a pillow case and one more book which I’ll show you in a future post.) I’m off to take a nap and then I have loads loads of work to do.

6 thoughts on “London Shopping Pt. 2”

    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ I was really surprised to find the leather jacket, I mean, I was totally hoping to buy one but I didn’t think it would happen so I was super pleased. As for the shoes, they also really surprised me. Though I do shop in Debenhams in Prague sometimes, I usually just look at their dresses as the Prague shoe selection is DREADFUL (Frumpy Land).

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