London Shopping Pt. 3

You’re probably sick to death of my London shopping so it’ll please you to read this is the last post of the series 🙂 and it’s a bit different.


It probably won’t surprise you that I collect pig stuff. Pig jewelry (I don’t have too much though 😦 just some earrings and a necklace), pig stuffed animals (now those I have quite a few!), piggy banks and finally pig books. It has been somewhat of a tradition to buy a pig book everytime we’re in London and this year was no different:


We’ve been to London three times so my London pig book collection is small (one book per visit) but I love these books so much! They are just wonderful!


Besides a new pig book I also bought this gorgeous pillow case for our couch. It’s definitely one of my favorite purchases! So anyways, that’s it for my shopping. The next post will be dedicated to an actual recount of our London vaca. See you then.


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