at the cinema

There was crap lighting but I still love this photo. Last week M and I went to see the film Godzilla, M wanted to go, I thought it was going to be a horrid movie. It’s funny that in the end M was disappointed and I quite liked it (spoiler alert: I was rooting for Godzilla and was afraid he’d die but he made it so I was happy).

The photo was taken before we went in and before I found out that I was given the wrong popcorn. Getting sweet popcorn instead of salty was kind of a let down to be honest. But at least the movie didn’t suck.

I’m having a green moment this week, brought on by the rediscovery of this green H&M satchel bag. I don’t know when exactly I bought it but it’s at least a couple of years old by now. I’ve been wearing it all week but before that it had been forgotten for a while.  I did however wear it at least once this winter as you can see in the photo below (out on a shoe shopping trip).

winter shoe shoppingAs for the shoes I wore, they’re green open toed Bershka courts that I bought sometime in February 2011. Below is a photo from when I bought them, along with one of my favorite flats (blue snakeskin also by Bershka) and a pair of pointy toe Zara heels.

I did find a photo of me wearing the shoes (in May 2011) and if I remember correctly I ended up changing into something different as I found the dress to be too short with the heels.

topshop tea dress and bbershka green heelsposing in the garden in a tea dress by topshopI’m happy to say I much prefer this weekend’s outfit to the one I documented in 2011. I still really like that tea dress (Topshop) but I wish it were longer (I’m not even sure I have it anymore). As for the shoes, well, they’re not the most uncomfortable but they do have a high heel. They have a small concealed platform, which helps. I love the color but they aren’t the easiest to style, so they don’t really get worn that often. I wore them this weekend only because they match my bag quite well. I probably won’t wear them again any time soon but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them, it probably just means I have too many shoes haha.

popcorn girl

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