wham!Today’s post will be on the shorter side as I am not feeling my best, it’s been a long day of uni and work and I need to go take a nap. Well, first I need to go walk Dracul and I need to stop by the post office, but then I’m totally taking a nap. Continuing on with Melissa shoe week, on this rainy and horrible day I wore one of my brightest pairs of Melissas:

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa logo ballerina flats in blue
Vivienne Westwood for Melissa logo ballerina flats

These shoes are super bright and happy. I love the color and I also really like the logo cutouts. Unfortunately for me, they run a little on the large side, that means that if I’m not careful, I can literally fall out of them. The first photo was a homage to that, a bit of a dramatic reenactment if you will. I nearly lost my shoes three times on the way to work. I always forget that I’m not supposed to wear these with tights, ops.

photo 3bWearing: thrifted George jacket, Pull&Bear cardigan, New Look butterfly print dress, Zara Office City bag, Six umbrella (which I bought the last time it was raining.)

Here’s how I wore these  shoes last year in October (and I actually like this outfit better than the one I was wearing today, I prefer this simple look and I also think that the dress matched the shoes better than the one I wore today. It’s not that I didn’t like the outfit I wore today, I just don’t think it was my best):

And here is a shoe shot of when I wore them in 2011. I still love those tights (they’ve ripped and I don’t think I have them anymore, they were from Topshop and were the perfect mix of tribal and sexy. I need to buy tights like these again).


3 thoughts on “Wham!”

  1. One more time I’m so amazed how good you are to mix colors, I definitely have to learn from you!
    Love that sparrow print dress, found it on the net for second hand but couldn’t stand the beige color on my pale skin.
    “Assuming” problems I guess.

    1. It’s true that the beige color of the dress can look a little weird but I just usually wear it with opaque tights (my solution to everything haha). Thanks for stopping by and for your comment:)

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