Happiness is a state of mind

The above photo is from May 1st 2012 (wow, time flies) and I’m featuring it today because a) it ties in with Melissa shoe week (although I haven’t worn my Melissa “Violatta” sandals yet this year because I’m saving them for summer) b) the photo shows some of my favorite things about Spring (dandelions, being outside, warm weather, free days) and c) today’s post is about happiness.

What could have been the exact opposite of happiness, I went to the post office yesterday. I waited for ages, and then went back home again. Yup, it was a real adventure. But the day was lovely and I really think that no matter what, it’s your attitude that matters. That’s why I posted the photo below to my instagram today. I took the longer way home (instead of taking the bus I walked) and I was happy that I was outside and had a bit of a break from studying. That said, the studying has not been going that great. But I just need to stick with it and it’ll work out (hopefully!).

happy dayBut back to the shoes, these are the Melissa Enjoying II flats. I love how they look but seriously, they aren’t the most comfortable. They’re not the worst but they could be a little more comfortable. So basically I wear these shoes about once a year. I love how they look with a pair of fun tights like in the photo above.

melissa enjoying IIAnyways, here’s how I wore them last year (with a brown and grey palette, I wanted to let the shoes shine) and below how I wore them in 2011 (November the 21st, to be exact. We went to an anniversary dinner and I was freezing my ass feet off. Seriously, not the best styling for November. But I still loved the outfit, though I wish I had a better photo.) As you can see, I usually pair these shoes with neutral colors (cream, beige, brown, black, grey) and have actually never worn them with any bright colors. Maybe next year?

hearts and bows

I also wore these shoes yesterday to run a few errands. I love shoes with hearts on them (perhaps a new idea of a shoe week theme?*) and these are quite cute. However they have gotten super squashed in storage so now they fit a little weird. I also wear these shoes about once a year. Here’s how I wore them last year:

And I found an older photo (from June 2011) where I was also wearing them.  We went to the cinema to see X-men First Class and I ran into Piglet:

with Piglet at the cinema


*I have so many ideas for  the “shoe week”themes, heart shoes is just one of them. I’m thinking of doing an Iron Fist week (no question about this one, I love Iron Fist shoes), Irregular choice week (I only have 8 pairs so I’m not so sure), pink shoe week, Topshop shoe week, leopard print week (the one I’m looking forward to the most), Zara shoe week, wedges week… Yup, there’s a lot of ideas. Anything you’d like to see in particular?

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