In the land of doughnuts

IMG_7617Another belated outfit post, from roughly two weeks ago. It was a colder day, M and I and some friends went to the pub. (Weather in Prague is a bit mysterious, spring/summer days can be super hot or really cold.)

reebok skyscape-harmony I mentioned wearing these Reebok slip-on trainers in my files of new post and so yeah, this was one of the outfits. I really liked this one as it was very comfortable and I have fun with it, plus all that pink makes me really happy. I was wearing: one of my favorite and super old H&M skirts, a top from H&M, pink button down sweater from Zara, H&M fuchsia coat, Topshop studded belt, Johnny loves Rosie necklace, River Island rose stud earrings and finally, this New Look doughnut clutch bag.

new look donut clutchIMG_7617Unfortunately, I didn’t get more photos of the outfit (except for this one, all were out of focus – the curse of taking photos at night.) On the other hand, I’m thankful for the one that turned out okay.

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