Baby, It’s Cold Outside

vintage winter coat, cat ear headband, fur collarDisclaimer: I’m an animal lover above all and I don’t think it is right for people to purchase new animal fur coats (and thus supporting the animal fur trade). That said, I’m completely fine with fur items as long as they are VINTAGE and not furthering the demand for fur items. Maybe one day that will change and I will be against all fur items (because in a way even vintage fur supports the fur trade – someone will see someone else in a lovely vintage fur coat, they’ll want it but won’t be able to find a vintage version so maybe they’ll buy a new fur coat) (and in this day and age, when synthetic clothing can be just as warm as fur, no one needs a fox/rabbit/mink etc coat except for the fox/rabbit/mink etc.)

On to the fashion.

This outfit was worn a few weeks ago. It was cold outside but I wanted to wear my red midi skirt and I hate the idea of wearing a midi length skirt/dress with a shorter coat. Though it can work in some cases, in most it just makes me feel like a bag lady. Actually, the whole outfit started with a pair of tights I received for Christmas from M’s mum. I have this thing where if I receive a gift I really try to wear it and show my appreciation for whatever it is that I was gifted so that it makes the person who gave it to me feel good about it, know what I mean?

IMG_5580So I received these unique tights and they have this rather difficult design , difficult to wear that is. I knew I needed to wear a longer skirt/dress with them (I felt a short hem would make the outfit look cheap) and definitely something without a print. My first thought was to go all-black but then I remembered I have this bright red midi-skirt and I knew it would be perfect.  With the footwear I kept things simple and went for one of my favorite pairs of ankle boots – these asos fold-over cuff leather-look ankle boots.

asos fold over anke bootThere’s something about these boots that  feels slightly witchy and also gives them a bit of a Victorian vibe. I’ve had them for ages (hence the photo below when I had black hair.) They’re relatively simple ankle boots, very easy to wear and also very comfortable. Seriously, these are one of my favorite pairs of boots, love them!

caped and studdedAs for accessories, well, I livened things up with a black and white cat-ear headband also from Asos. I had my hair up in a tight bun and I thought the quirkiness of the headband would offset the seriousness of the outfit.

asos-collection-blackwhite-limited-edition-cat-ears-headband-product-3-8156797-268257821_large_flexskullI had fun with this outfit (though probably not as much fun as I had had with the outfit above, hello skeleton pants!) and I especially love the first photo (which I uploaded on my instagram with a vintage-esque filter and I love how retro it looks!)

IMG_5578Outfit details: coat – vintage and bought like five six years ago; long sleeved shirt -Stradivarius, super old; skirt – Express, bought in NYC; headband – Asos, old; shoes – Asos, old; tights – gifted, this past Christmas.

9 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Oh my gosh I could gobble you up, I looooove this outfit. That coat is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, I want to hate it, but I can’t. I’m pretty much of the same opinion as you with fur-there’s just no need or place for it in modern clothing I don’t think. I kinda freak if I touch real stuff though…my Mum accidentally bought me a rabbit fur bag once and we had to give it away (even though it was expensive) because the shop wouldn’t take it back and I couldn’t bring myself to touch it (even the handles were furry).

    1. Thank you so much! And I know what you mean, if something is too furry (and too much like a real animal) it kind of freaks me out. I just prefer fake fur (I love that Topshop does a lot of fake fur). Or those shawls/stoles that have the animal head or paws or something, even vintage, NO WAY would I be ok with them. Too creepy!

  2. I’m very much of the same mind on modern day furs. When my nan died 16 years ago we donated about 8 fur coats to the charity shop. I was totally against furs and wanted nothing to do with them, but I really wish I had something substantial of hers to keep. I have some jewellery, some small crystal ornaments and a handbag she made, but I would’ve loved to have some clothing of hers. Oh well.

    The coat is gorgeous and such a lovely colour! I must get a camel coat at some point. So classic/classy.

    1. My opinion on furs changes a bit too: I’m either totally against or okay with vintage (and on the fence with gifted new items). Well, at least you have something to remember your gram by. I have this one thrifted cross body bag my gram gave me (and this was over ten years ago, my gram was ahead of her time!) and a hat/scarf she knitted me. I love my other grandma too but I miss my gram so much.

      You would totally rock a camel coat! 🙂

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