Packing List

Tomorrow I’m heading to NYC for a week of sightseeing, shopping and overeating – in other words, a typical holiday. Anyways, since I need to start packing I thought I’d share my packing list. We’re going for seven days and I’m both super thrilled and a little nervous (especially about Mr. Pig – my sister will be staying at my place and taking care of him). But it’s all good. Here’s what I’m taking on this exciting adventure.

The most essential item on my list is a pair of skinny jeans.

skinny jeans As my preferred type is a dark wash with a slight stretch to them, I’m taking my favorite pair from Mango and I’ll be wearing them for the flight as I want to be both relatively comfortable but not sluggish.

airport chicI wore them on our London flight (pictured above) and I’ll be recreating this look for this trip as well: skinny jeans, layered t-shirts, leather jacket and my Puma trainers.

puma munroePictured below is my favorite (fake) leather jacket from Zara. I know I’ll be taking a fake or real leather jacket with me on my trip, I’m just not sure which one I’ll be taking. The one from Zara is my absolute favorite, it fits me the best and I love it but I don’t want to ruin it and so I’m actually thinking of taking a different one instead.

IMG_4296bThe next item on my list is equally essential and it’s a good bag. It needs to be the right size to fit enough of my crap but not so big that it would get in the way, as I want to take it with me on the flight. Also I’m a little bit worried about pick pockets and the like in a city as big as NYC so I want a bag that I’ll be able to wear in front (vs. the way I usually wear them – at the side on my hip). It also needs to have a zipper closing. I’m still debating which bag I’ll be taking (it’s between the Mark B for Topshop bag that I had taken to London and the Zara red bowling bag pictured below… Actually, I really wanted to take a different bag but I can’t find it, which is super frustrating, but I’ve no time for that so whatever.)

zara-red-bowling-bag-with-zips-product-1-17209271-1-555383802-normal_large_flexSo basically now you know what I’ll be wearing on the way there and back but what else am I taking?Ā  Definitely lots of t-shirts and tank tops for layering.

H&M black tank topMy current favorite are from H&M and I need to buy more of these, I wear them all the time! Another basic item that I will be taking is my Pull&Bear black button down v-neck cardigan. It is perfect for layering as it goes with everything and it will keep me warm if it gets cold.

pull&bear black cardiganAs for the rest of the clothes on my packing list, I’m keeping things relatively simple. I’ll be taking one skirt, two dresses, a pair of ballet flats, one knitted vest, a scarf, another pair of trousers or jeans, a pair of lace-up shoes. And underwear (obviously). As for the other things I’ll be taking: make-up will be minimal (foundation, liquid eye liner, lip balm, bronzer, maybe a small palette of eyeshadow), my hair products as well (one hair brush, a few bobby pins, hair elastics), then just my toothbrush, toothpaste, make-up removal wipes, a book or two, my phone and charger, my wallet and passport and that’s about it. I like to pack light.Ā  So now I only have to pack everything up and I’ll be ready to go. And I need to write up a few posts so that you’ll have something to read while I’m away šŸ™‚

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