LONDON recap

airport chicSo I finally have all of our London photos and I must warn you, there are quite a few! That’s why I decided to divide this post into three. This particular post will contain photos from days one and two.  Above is a photo taken at the Prague airport – as you can see I was excited about our trip and dressed in my typical airport attire: skinny jeans, trainers, leather jacket. Huge handbag to fit all of my crap (my kindle fire, a magazine, lip balm, tissues, my passport, boarding pass, wallet, phone, mp3 player, a pashmina in case it gets cold).

restaurantAfter we landed we bought train tickets and then our Oyster cards, headed to our hotel, changed clothes and then went out to lunch. Then we went to Oxford street and did some major shopping (mostly at Topshop). ❤

cuddles with the hotel dogIt was a really hot day so my outfit consisted of a pair of short shorts (Zara) in a fun color, a long sleeved shirt and a black tank top (H&M). You can see the outfit more in the photo below though I prefer the one above (cuddles with the hotel dog – he was so nice). (I actually didn’t  get any photos of the outfit on Wednesday – only the one from the restaurant – so I wore the same outfit to breakfast on Friday for the purpose to have something to show you on this blog.)

IMG_2753Anyways, after shopping we got some takeaway and the headed back to our room to relax.

20140703_100117Thursday: we had a lot of plans for Thursday – a 3 and a half hour boat trip from London city center to Hampton Court Palace, then seeing the sights, and later that night we had reservations to Bohemia Lounge.

IMG_2692We had some time to kill before the boat ride so we went to the park. I wore some comfy clothes for the occasion as I knew it would be a long day:  Zara tee (a favorite), Oasis skirt, H&M leopard print lace-up flats, Mark B bag.

20140703_110331The boat ride was wonderful – it was the warmest day of the year apparently – and we had a lovely time. Though maybe a bit too much sun: M burned a part of his arm and I burned my nose.

hampton court palaceWe stopped by the cafe and had some lunch and some cake. Then we went for a walk in the parks. Annnnnd…

engaged!M asked me to marry him. It was funny really because before he was tying his shoe and then he got on one knee and I was asking him “your shoe is untied again?” before realizing what was happening. My first reaction was to ask him if he is serious (because M is quite a joker) but right after that I said yes. And then we took a selfie.

M and IM and I have been together for almost four years (it’ll be four in August), we’ve been living together for over three and a half years. More than anything, M is my best friend. I want to share the weird and exciting stuff that goes on in my life (and in my head haha) with him everyday so it’ not like there was much to think through or anything. Of course it was yes. Plus I know he asked to make me happy and that in itself is so sweet.

20140703_16071620140703_161550engagement ring negative20140703_172204Yeah, so that’s my big news. I’m sorry to have kept it from you but most of these photos were on M‘s phone and I thought it would be better to wait. We haven’t set a date yet, we’re in no hurry or anything. I want to finish school and decide on my future studies first and M has taken a typically male stance and said “it’s up to you”. I did buy a wedding magazine and I must say, besides smirking at half of what was being presented, I was a bit overwhelmed. I’m playing around with the idea of just eloping in Las Vegas sometime in the future but we’ll see. Oh and I have one more fun story: about two (three?) months ago I was looking for one of my rings and I couldn’t find it and I was all WTF there’s one place I put my rings where is it?! (Obviously I thought that I had just misplaced it and put it with y earrings or something) and M was all calm and saying “it’ll turn up” and I was all like “yeah I know but I want it now grrr” and then just went with out it and forgot about the whole thing. Later M told me that he had borrowed the ring to get the engagement ring fitted. Anyways, after Hampton Court Palace we went to our hotel to change and then we went to this fabulous bar but more about that in another post.

4 thoughts on “LONDON recap”

  1. Oh my goooooodness, congratulations!!!! Brilliant news. That’s so exciting and the ring is so unique. I can understand the overwhelming part in organising a wedding and the dress and everything-can’t wait to see what you choose! Oh and London looks lovely and hot too x

    1. Thank you 🙂 (We haven’t set a date yet and I don’t think either one of us has any wedding ideas yet so I think we’ll just start planning in a year. The dress and shoes are my biggest worries/concerns/excitements 🙂 )

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