All Packed Up

I’m off to the airport in about twenty minutes, so I’m packed up and ready to go. I originally thought I’d share my entire packing list but I was too lazy to photograph everything. Plus you’ll probably see all that I packed in outfit photos anyways… So instead, I’ll just share what I packed non-clothes wise:


I bought this weekend set at Sephora, I used the smallest container for my make-up foundation, the two bigger ones for shampoo and conditioner (Aussie – my favorite hair products brand). Then some hair balm in the mini spray container. As for shower gel I decided to just take it as it is.


The rest of my make-up: Benefit gel eye-liner (the mini version), some mini mascara (can’t remember the brand), Sephora eye shadow, Rimmel powder, Benefit mini lip stain, a lipstick. A set of brushes in a cute polka dot case. And that’s it. Essentials really. I like to keep this simple for my vacations. I don’t pack any skin care products with me, just make-up removal napkins (Nivea). Oh and some sun tan lotion…


5 thoughts on “All Packed Up”

  1. I haven’t been on a proper holiday in years, but my makeup bag would be bulging, I’d need loads! Maybe if I were going somewhere sunny I wouldn’t, as I don’t like wearing loads of MU in hot weather. Have a good trip x

    1. I didn’t want to bother with make-up plus there was limited room in my luggage (it was mainly a shopping holiday for me as you’ll see in my recent posts and it DEFINITELY was tricky fitting everything in my bags!)

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