A Different Files of New

ImageOn Friday I went to the annual Prague Tattoo Convention, suffered a while (but Tereza from Tribo Tattoo was amazing and I highly recommend her) and now I have a lovely new tattoo.

prague tattoo conventionI was brave and didn’t bitch and moan (much) but in all honesty, tattoos hurt and I’m not into pain. I originally wanted to get something small (I always want to get something small) and yet none of my tattoos are small, weird. Anyways, here’s my new ink:

tattoo sleeve My arm is now quite swollen but I love my new sleeve. It’s this crazy forest and my pet pig. The only part that is still hurting like hell is the moon because it’s at the spot where my arm bends, ouch. We didn’t win but I didn’t expect anyone else to love it so I wasn’t bothered.¬† Oh and here’s Dracul posing next to my new ink. I think¬† he likes it too.

two pigs

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