A Lilac Affair


I promised you some fashion so here it is. This is what I wore on Sunday to a family lunch. I tend to be a little over dressed for these events but M‘s family enjoys seeing all my crazy shoes so that works out quite well. Speaking of wonderful and unique shoes:

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragon lilac wwith red seal

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Lady Dragons in lilac with red seal

I bought these shoes at the same time that I bought the VW for Melissa logo ballerina flats and admittedly, those get worn a lot more than these do. But I still quite love these shoes. I think the seal is super cute (though I love the heart ones the best).  They have an absolutely lovely color, the lilac is perfect. I really love the color the most about these shoes but that’s the hardest thing about them: they can be so hard to style exactly because of the lovely lilac color. A Catch-XXII of sorts. That was until I bought this lilac dress:

lilac dressThe dress is from Oh My Love and is available over at Asos.com. Actually, when I ordered the dress I had completely forgotten about these shoes and I was wondering about what I’d wear the dress with. When I realized that I had virtually matching shoes and the outfit basically made itself:

photo 1(1)We were running late for a family lunch so these photos were taken after lunch (I overate a bit and just wanted to go to sleep at this point. Yup, afternoon naps are an essential part of our weekend ritual.)  Anyways, with  that out the way, after deciding that the shoes and the dress are the perfect couple I wanted to enhance the red of the seal on the shoes so I wore my darling little apple bag. The belt I’m wearing is a few years old and I’m not 100% sure where I bought it but I think it’s from Zara. I wore my Promod bolero sweater partly because the dress has quite a plunging neck line and also because it has gotten quite cold. If we hadn’t gone by car I think I would have frozen to death.

I couldn’t find an outfit photo of me wearing the shoes before but I did find this one and it was too cute not to show you:

March 2011 (what’s up with March being so warm and May being so crap?) Anyways, Mr. Pig is looking so adorable here. He really was the cutest piglet ever.

3 thoughts on “A Lilac Affair”

  1. I’m exactly the same, I find lilac a hard colour to mix into my wardrobe, because I don’t have many matching items. Whenever I saw the first photo, I thought it was an unusual colour for you to wear as I don’t remember ever seeing you in lilac. You look lovely in it and that bag is adorable. It’s funny, when I had lilac hair, I favoured red lipstick and yet they are colours I wouldn’t think would work together.

    1. I loved your lilac hair! Since lilac is a sift pastel color I think it looks best with something stronger, that’s why I love it with red (plus I just really wanted to wear that bag haha:))

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