The Story about a Little Piggy

The following is a wee story I wrote back in January 2011, featuring my then piglet Dracul and some cute photos. I remember writing this as a much needed break from studying back then and I totally needed one now as well. Hope you enjoy. I’ll be back with a regular fashion themed post tomorrow.

A little piggy that just wouldn’t stay put

piglet, curious pig

There once was a little piggy that hated staying put. He thought he would have all the time in the world to rest one day, when he wouldn’t be a little piggy anymore and when he would be an adult pig, too wise to be running around. So he thought he would have to get everything done while being a little piggy…

 He would climb couches and try to talk with people but people never had anything too interesting to say to the piglet, so he had to entertain himself by searching through pockets.. What does he have in there?

 Nothing much, the piggy discovered. What’s he reading?? The little piggy was also a keen reader..

 Ahh law stuff.. BORING! The little piglet just wouldn’t stay put! He would always want to be exploring or playing or digging…

 So the little piggy went to see what was happening up on the bed mountain. He found Mum studying, which was very boring for the energetic piglet. So he started digging instead..

 Mum didn’t want him digging so she caught the little piggy.. and wanted him to study with her..

with my pigllet, pulp fiction style, pet pig

 Piggy pretended to study for a little while but soon got bored and told Mummy he wants to go to sleep..

 So she let him go.. but of course he didn’t want to sleep! Haha!

And so the evening went on and on until finally the little piggy was tired and went to sleep.

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