Home Sweet Home


These photos are from last Wednesday, when I went to uni in the morning and then I met my sister for lunch (she was kind enough to take these photos, well, the ones of me anyway) and then I stopped by work. Wednesdays are always super busy but they’re also really fun.

For lunch we went to one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Yam Yam, I really love going there. And I love walking over Nuselsky Most to get back to work (in the first photo, the bridge is right behind me and below I’m in the little park that’s  right next to the bridge.)


As for what I  wore, well, I must say, I could have used another layer or two. It was so much warmer when I left the flat than it was after I left uni to meet up with my sis. But otherwise I thought the outfit really worked out quite well.

The Clothes: Zara TRF fake leather jacket (from a couple of years ago, one of my favorite jackets), Carole Little knitted vest, Zara Woman mini skirt (another favorite of mine), H&M scarf, Zara Office City bag.

asos mister tweed lace up brogueAs for shoes, well, it was a busy day so I couldn’t wear anything but flats but at least these are really rather fun. They’re from Asos (but they’re from an old collection so they’re no longer available) and I think I partially fell in love with their name as much as I did with ho they looked online. They’re called Mister Tweed brogues. Just adorable.


Now I’ll leave you with some photos of Prague. (Above is a panorama view of the bridge and part of the park; below is the photo I posted to my instagram. If you don’t already, please follow me. I almost always like for like and I take the time to visit my friends  pages. I  mostly post photos of shoes or of my pet pig, but there’s the occasional food photo and my beautiful city.)



This is another park, also near my work. It’s a bit secluded but I love going there to get from I.P.Pavlova to Karlovo namesti. Below is the view from the steps of my university. Oh, we have the best view. The lovely Prague Castle. Swoon. And last but not least is Old Town Square (I usually walk through Staromak to get to the metro to get to work. It may be a bit longer than just hopping on the metro at Old Town Station but hey, I think those few minutes are well worth it.)



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