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Cruelty Free

I consider myself quite an animal lover – I donate to animal charities, I sign petitions, I’m a veggie foodie (I’m planning on going vegan but after my uni exams, it would be too much stress at this point in my life because I don’t have time to do proper research about what I should be eating and I don’t want to “burn out” and end up as some people I’ve heard of that actually went back to eating meat because it was too difficult to stay on a vegan diet.) I feel more compassion to animals than I do to people. My dog was from the dog pound, I got him when he was already three and a half years old (Buddy has just turned 14!) and in very bad shape (he had a bad skin condition, had hardly any fur, a broken tail, he had an eye infection, he had fleas and worms but I knew he was still the perfect dog for me and I honestly believe no one else would have taken him and given him a home). I had a pet pig that was difficult at times but I gave him all my love and I miss him so much. I currently have a pet rabbit (and my dog, but he lives with my parents as they have a garden and he’s such a spoiled happy dog because we love him so much) named Bananas, who is a little devil and I love her.

Besides paying attention to what I eat (I can’t eat meat. All I see behind meat is the animals that had to die for it and the suffering that was their life. No personal enjoyment can justify that. However, I do not judge other people if they do eat meat, my boyfriend does eat meat but at least because of me he eats a lot less meat than he otherwise would so that’s a small victory) I’m now also paying attention to other aspects of animals suffering. Namely animal testing. I’m making an effort of no longer purchasing products that have been tested on animals or from companies that support animal testing. I never realized that SO MANY companies do test on animals. Companies that I used to like too. The photo below is from Peta but there are more companies that test on animals, this of course is not a conclusive list.

companies that test on animalsI’ve bought products from L’Oreal, Pantene, Dove, Maybelline and Avon before (though not for a while, as I have been spending all of my money over at Lush), without realizing that they actually test on animals (or sell in China, where the Chinese government test their products on animals, which is just as bad – if you allow something to happen, you’re basically supporting it.) I’ve downloaded a helpful app called Bunny Free, which makes looking up companies so much easier and tells you which test on animals and which do not (although not all companies are listed, for instance I had to look up Nivea online and I’m so glad they are against animal testing.) Sadly Aussie does test on animals so I won’t be repurchasing their hair conditioner, although it had been my favorite. I’m trying to be more conscious of what my actions as a customer are and I have decided to really make an effort and from now on only buy products that are indeed cruelty free. When enough people make the same decision, the big companies will (have to) listen and they will stop testing on animals. I urge everyone to think this through and decide for themselves if they are for or against animal cruelty and animal testing. I think together we can make a difference and make the world a better place 🙂