Files of new: shoes

Today I want to share with you two new pairs of shoes, the most recent additions to my shoe collection.

reebok skyscape harmonyThe first pair are these Reebok Skyscape Harmony slip-on trainers that are the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own. They may not be the most beautiful pair I have but they make up for it by being so good to my feet. M bought them for me in preparation for our July holiday (there is always so much walking on our holidays and my feet need all the help they can get. I am in between sizes and have a very high arch so finding comfortable walking shoes for me isn’t the easiest thing.) I’ve already worn them a couple of times and have one outfit post to show you in a future post.

The next pair is a lot more fun.

So I really shouldn’t be buying anything at the moment (I am beyond poor right now) but I stopped by my local Iron Fist store on the way home from work yesterday and I saw that they restocked these gorgeous shoes!

Iron-Fist-Buns-N-Roses-Oxford-shoeThese are the Iron Fist Buns-n-Roses Oxford shoes and I have been lusting after them for ages! I missed out on them the last time (I hesitated and they were sold out) and I knew that if they ever got them back in stock I would snap them right up! (I also like the wedge version of these but like I said, *I’m broke so I could only semi-afford this pair.)

Iron Fist Buns-N-Roses Oxford shoesI really adore these shoes! The print is of unicorn bunnies (=amazing) and there are cut-outs on the side and a big black bow on the front. I bought these in a UK 6/ Eu 39 size (I’m between sizes and I sized down with these, I usually size up if the shoes have a pointed toe or just depending on the style and cut of the shoes.)

iron fist bunny tote bagI saw this tote bag in the same print and no I didn’t buy it (*after buying the shoes I had no money left) but it’s on my wish list and if it ever goes on sale (I’m not holding my breath) I’d buy it. Although when looking at the tote bag you really notice that the bunnies have nose rings and I don’t really like that. On the shoes only some have nose rings and some don’t and it’s not so noticeable.

Anyways, these are the two pairs of shoes that are in my files of new. I won’t be buying anything until we’re on holiday (this will be the first year in a long while that I won’t be buying anything in the asos sale, I’m so  bummed, but there were pay cuts where I work so money is really tight right now, I’m really just happy I had enough to pay for these. Sometimes it’s like I forget what’s important – I’m not living my life just to buy pretty things, I should be living my life to its fullest and the pretty things are just little parts of that, not the main thing. I don’t need everything and should use what I have. I hope Leah will be doing Outfit August again this year because that really embodies using older items and not just always everything new and trendy. Rant over, see you on Monday!)

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