My New Life (Planner)

erin condren taffy stripesHip Hip Hurray! My Erin Condren life planner arrived today (one day early) and I couldn’t be more happy with it. I absolutely love decorating it! So far I’ve done a bit of this week, all of last week and the two weeks before. I’m using washi tape to mark the weekend and also to hide the writing on the bottom (that just says lists, meal plans, exercise etc.)


IMG_6968I’m trying to keep a theme or at least a color scheme but I don’t have that many supplies so I’m doing what I can and what feels right. I did decorate Valentine’s Day week as well, because you know I can’t resist a good heart print, plus I found a fun DIY to do: I used the edge of a sticker sheet and trimmed it and it almost looks like a washi tape (it’s the stripe that is dividing the week from the weekend).

IMG_6966I’ll also show you this other week I did because I love the black and white polka dot washi tape and at the bottom I layered to washi tapes, which I think looks quite interesting.Plus the planets/solar system washi is so fun! I added a bunch of animal stickers (woodland animals) because we were getting our forest wall done on that week and I thought it was a nice tie-in.

IMG_6972I think I like this week the most (because I finally used the side bar instead of just covering it in stickers and made a checklist for things I have to do for UNI on it; and hopefully that will help me be more productive) but I won’t be sharing this week with you until after this week is over because I think it would be a little creepy sharing my schedule with the internet. πŸ˜‰

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