Polka Dot Perfection

One of my favorite London purchases is definitely this dress and the petticoat underneath.

Remember those dresses from Pieces of the Past? I never wore them because without a petticoat the dresses just didn’t look right. But now I finally can (and have worn one of the dresses already, but that’s for another post).

But back to this outfit – I wore it the Friday after we returned from London to a family dinner (when we told M‘s parents about London and mainly about being engaged 🙂 ). It was a mildly rainy day so jelly shoes were a must (and as I was almost running late, flats were required as well). I kept my look a clean black and white with the exception of the red heart on my shoes. I loved this outfit but sadly the dress wrinkles quite easily. I was a bit lost when it came to what bag to wear but in the end chose this fun satchel bag from H&M.

It’s now almost time for lunch so I have to go, so see you soon and have a great weekend! 😉

One thought on “Polka Dot Perfection”

  1. A skirt with a petticoat is so unusual! And you make it look so good. Not many people would be able to do it!

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