On Wednesday at about noon, after my last uni class of the semester, I stopped by Zara and treated myself to a gorgeous yellow pleated dress:

zara yellow pleated dressand a pair of fun high waisted yellow shorts:

zara trf high waisted shorts yellowI shouldn’t have done any shopping, my bank account is at an all-time low, but I really needed something to lift my spirits. Times are a bit tough right now. And yes, I’m really into yellow at the moment. I think the yellow craze has been brought on by rediscovering my love for this miniskirt:

zara woman yellow miniskirt
Zara Woman miniskirt, Zara plastic clutch, Mango motorcycle jacket, Betsey Johnson Skimmy flats

It’s my favorite skirt and I’m a little bit afraid that I might wear it out and then what. I was actually looking for a possible replacement (or well reserve) skirt but I didn’t like the skirts that much and I didn’t want to spend that much either. The shorts were ridiculously cheap (well, compared to usual Zara prices) and I thought, why not? And I really fell in love with the dress (and knew that I would regret not buying it, sometimes you just know.)

While looking through my archives I found another photo of my wearing the skirt and here you can really see it’s wonderful bright yellow color. (I don’t know why it looks so faded in the first photo.) Interestingly enough, I was yet again wearing my Betsey Johnson Skimmy flats (you can’t really see them but I was. And no, I don’t always pair these two together.) I love those shoes. They were my favorite purchase from our Dubai trip, that’s for sure.

betsy johnson skimmyBut back to my most recent shopping. Sadly, I think by purchasing Summer clothes I may have cursed Spring and brought Winter back. Yeah, I totally control the weather here, didn’t you know? It’s been cold and nasty ever since I’ve been to Zara. It’s actually gotten so cold that I’ve completely rethought today’s uni exam outfit. It was just too cold for ballerina flats so I went with these shoes instead:

mel lime shine red
Mel for Melissa Lime Shine in red

3 thoughts on “Cursed”

  1. Oh no, hope the weather picks up, it’s been quite rainy here. I’m not a big yellow lover, but it’s my little sisters favourite colour. She wanted a yellow bedroom, wears yellow clothes…!

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